Germtron Bandage. Artwork by David Reuben.      



Product Profile


The Germtron™ bandage is a simultaneously absorbent and photodynamically wound sanitizing self- adhesive bandage . The bandage employs an LED illuminated side emitting fiber optic mesh or a printed LED chip array embedded in the transmissive perforated non-stick thin film absorbent pad outer surface. The LEDs are powered by a battery sealed in the bandage. Irradiation is controlled by a preprogrammed timing algorithm chip embedded in the bandage and electronically initiated by peeling the backing from the bandage.

This product is being developed with UV LEDs, blue light LEDs, white light, and multi-wavelength LEDs, and will be offered in various sizes and shapes. Variants include direct germicidal irradiation, photocatalyst activation, and molecule excitation emitters with high frequency pulsed and unpulsed configurations.

A Germtron™ next generation bandage currently under development will include automatic wound infection detection feedback control and electronic visual annunciation.

This bandage is calibrated to target Staph (Staphylococcus) bacteria.