Germtron Football Module

Product Profile

Electronic Football concussion avoidance training module.

The Germtron™ facemask module represents a novel approach to the prevention of concussions in football and other sports. The module is calibrated to provide immediate visual head impact feedback directly to the player. The player can then adjust play to hit and tackle in a manner which does not result in head impact.

The Germtron™ football facemask module incorporates embedded omnidirectional shock sensors which trigger embedded timer chips. The circuit is powered by an embedded rechargeable battery. Head impact is annunciated to the wearing player and coaching staff and game referees via a red superlux LED on top of the module.

The g-force rating of the shock sensors is calibrated to provide annunciation of light, medium, and hard hits to the helmet. The level of the hit is annunciated by the length of time the LED is illuminated with light hits having a short illumination time, 1 second, and hard hits having a long illumination time, 30 seconds. LED illumination automatically resets.

The module is attached to the facemask via a loop strap and included screw and can be easily attached and removed by the wearing player or equipment staff.

Alpha Prototype Video Demonstration